placido domingo

Officials said the opera singer "didn’t commit a crime, nor is he part of the organization, but rather he was a consumer of prostitution.”
Multiple women have accused famed opera singer Placido Domingo of sexual harassment.
He said he "never behaved aggressively toward anyone," days after saying he was "truly sorry."
The probe concluded that accounts from 27 people showed a pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse of power spanning at least two decades.
He is always "gallant," the opera star insisted in a new interview, but “gallant gestures are viewed differently nowadays.”
Three U.S. music companies canceled Domingo appearances following allegations of sexual harassment made by multiple women earlier this year.
Neither Domingo nor the organizers mentioned sexual harassment allegations against him in relation to his withdrawal.
The opera superstar's resignation as the Los Angeles Opera's general director came after 20 people within the industry accused him of sexual harassment.
The opera legend stepped down ahead of opening night in "Macbeth."
Twenty women have now accused the opera star of misconduct, and the American Guild of Musical Artists has said it is looking into the claims.