placido domingo

He said he "never behaved aggressively toward anyone," days after saying he was "truly sorry."
The probe concluded that accounts from 27 people showed a pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse of power spanning at least two decades.
He is always "gallant," the opera star insisted in a new interview, but “gallant gestures are viewed differently nowadays.”
Three U.S. music companies canceled Domingo appearances following allegations of sexual harassment made by multiple women earlier this year.
Neither Domingo nor the organizers mentioned sexual harassment allegations against him in relation to his withdrawal.
The opera superstar's resignation as the Los Angeles Opera's general director came after 20 people within the industry accused him of sexual harassment.
The opera legend stepped down ahead of opening night in "Macbeth."
Twenty women have now accused the opera star of misconduct, and the American Guild of Musical Artists has said it is looking into the claims.
The womens' stories reinforce a picture of an industry in which Domingo’s alleged behavior was an open secret and young women were left to fend for themselves.
It was the opera singer's first performance since nine women accused him of sexual harassment in a report by The Associated Press.
Multiple women have accused famed opera singer Placido Domingo of sexual harassment.
The multiple Grammy winner is immensely respected, but accusers say he has a troubling side.
Each year there are productions across Mexico and the well-informed audiences tend to respond with great enthusiasm. So, it is no surprise that you would find a world-class opera production like Lucia di Lammermoor being performed at a theatre in Central Mexico.
For those who have only experienced Rostand's story in Steve Martin's 1987 film adaptation, Roxanne, it may come as a shock
Foscari, premiered in 1844, is early-Verdi at its finest. It shows his developing characters, seeing what it takes to build
For me, this has been an interesting year of travels, adventures in distant lands, and new experiences. Wherever I have gone, though, I've taken the opportunity to explore theatre and musical performances, film, art exhibits, and the most intriguing books.
If you are a Star Trek fan, you can easily visualize this: A fleet of Klingon star ships decloaking and landing in a dry riverbed in the middle of a beautiful city. Because, to my eye at least, that is just what the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain looks like (the star ships are benign, of course!).
The TV presentation and DVD Close To You: Remembering the Carpenters is a poignant musical portrait of Richard Carpenter and his late sister, Karen that airs on Public Television stations nationwide this Saturday, December 5th, with encore telecasts throughout the month.
There will be a free live simulcast of the final performance of Los Angeles Opera's Gianni Schicchi and Pagliacci on the Santa Monica Beach pier on October 3, 2015. Gianni Schicchi is a delightful short romp starring Placido Domingo.
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