plan b

I’m not going to lie — I regret going to college. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot of stuff, sure. But that was years
Iraq’s Foreign Minister has asked the United States to develop a financial plan for the reconstruction of the country after
🎤 I'm just a pill, a kind of birth control pill 🎤
If you live in Manhattan, that is.
I've heard from a lot of friends and colleagues lately who aren't where they want to be in life. I'm glad I'm their friend and that I have chance to help give them strength and perspective to remind them of who they are.
Sadly, the events in the recent news make us realize how fragile life is and the importance of seizing the moment, making the most out of our lives and living life to the fullest. Don't wait to do the things you dream about. Consider what your small or big reinventions could be.
The end of the federal government's War On Weed is approaching fast. No matter how the details work out, that much seems pretty clear at this point.
Therefore, the goal of the Saudi war in Yemen was to prevent a Yemeni war in Saudi Arabia, and this has been achieved in
Of course, being the greatest marketing, media and social tool of all time is not lost on me whatsoever as I make a living