Planetary Resources

By Sarah Scoles for WIRED. Christopher Richins has had a somewhat obscure to-do item — “start a multinational space company
Smith's major legislative accomplishment to date is the introduction (and subsequent failure) of the Stop Online Piracy Act
There are larger packages available for K-12 schools, universities and museums that opt for time on the telescope, as well
We want to make space accessible to people from all walks of life, all ages, across the globe, and let them get involved in the process from every stage.
Sentinel won't be the only civilian space telescope scanning for incoming space rocks, if an asteroid-mining firm's plans
Deep Space Industries is the second company to unveil plans to mine asteroids, rocky bodies of various sizes that orbit the
According to press materials from the company, LauncherOne will be able to carry a payload of up to 500 pounds, and will
"The pusher escape system for our suborbital system [called New Shepard] means you can get the capsule and the people away