Ten of the new discoveries are considered Earth-like.
About 10.8% of the world's land area is arable; i.e. 16 million km22. Right now, we have about 0.25 Ha of arable land per
Only Pluto remains undecided about remaining where it is, although the dwarf planet is, admittedly, still in the throes of a hangover from yesterday's events.
Finally after decades of hope and hard work, astronomers finally discovered a planet orbiting the nearest star to our sun: Proxima Centauri. Describing it in human terms leads to some interesting problems!
If it's for real, it's the closest planet beyond our solar system. The closest planet in outer space.
These starkly beautiful illustrations will transport you to distant worlds.
A: Stephen Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Milner serve as the board of directors for the StarShot project. The project
Neither the self nor all outside it is separate Solely to the unfathomable obscurity Of opacity at night. The sun shine singes