Nora Ephron was 65 when she felt bad about her neck. At 64, I feel bad about my elbows. It is nature's gift that I don't have to look at them. But you do, so let me apologize in advance. Maybe that's why we are invisible. We are a walking advertisement for the inevitable pull of gravity.
Most planks are static, meaning, you just hang out in a basic plank. Not this plank. Instead, there is a dynamic component to it in that you will be timing the transitions and throwing your balance off within the basic plank format.
Have you tried any of these planking moves? If so -- what did you think? We recommend increasing each move by 15 seconds
Planks are a wonderful alternative, as they increase core strength and spinal stabilization while maintaining a neutral spine, thus eliminating the constant flexing and extending of the spinal column.
Whether or not this has the viral and cultural staying power remains to be seen, but the laughs might not be so hardy if the falls lead to serious injury. The days of "Tebowing" seem like a kinder, gentler form of mock flattery.
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