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Those who support the ban say these procedures can separate the skull from the spine. But Aulwes told KSFY that the bill
We also have the parent education program. We really want to support parents as the primary sex educators of their children
Planned Parenthood of Illinois expressed condolences Sunday for the family of Tonya Reaves, who died Friday after she began
Proponents of the law say it is intended to protect the health of women and the lives of their fetuses. In Wisconsin, Planned
Republican people are very passionate about non-Republican people's babies. They are all for individual liberty, except when it comes to producing individuals. Which, ironically, they think should be done liberally.
Over time, Komen may find its footing and continue to prosper, or it will be permanently damaged by recent events. My feeling is that we've not heard the last of this issue, but time will tell.
Komen, the largest breast cancer charity in the nation, made waves last week for cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood
Business Insider first reported Thursday that Discount Gun Sales was selling a 'Hope Edition' handgun and donating a portion