planned parenthood defunding

More than half of respondents said they are inclined to believe Planned Parenthood’s side of the story.
Indiana asked the U.S. Supreme Court in February to review the Seventh Circuit's decision, but the Supreme Court denied that
Ilya Shapiro, editor and chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review, said he believes such a case wouldn't stand up in court
You guys, you can relax -- there's no GOP war against women! John Boehner says so in this clip I've animated and annotated.
A very strange thing is happening in West Michigan: while women across America run away from the Republican Party in droves due to its war on women's health, the local Democratic establishment is backing a candidate who cast a vote to completely defund Planned Parenthood.
The Komen Foundation hasn't been leveling with the public. Even its apology was disingenuous. The organization is behaving more like Bank of America, one of its most prominent sponsors.
Because many of Planned Parenthood's clinics are in rural and medically underserved areas, they have relied on nurse practitioners
“Ensuring every patient continues to receive affordable family planning services and basic preventive health care, without