Plant-based diet

Americans are eating less meat and more plant-based foods these days. Here's how it's affecting the environment.
There isn't much demand for plant-based tuna alternatives, but there should be. Here's why brands like Tuno are trying to make a more desirable product.
High-level delegates at COP24 feast on cheeseburgers while they discuss how to solve the climate crisis.
The popularity of plant-based diets has been growing over the past several years. Chefs, bloggers and home cooks have been
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For many people, meat is the star of their daily meals. It can be hard to imagine taking away a staple like steak or chicken
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When I tell people that Chicago offers incomparable vegan food, I often get side-eye or smile-and-nod responses.
Sustainable dietary guidelines are not a new idea -- Drs. Joan Gussow and Kate Clancy, two food systems experts, first argued for them in a seminal 1986 article in Journal of Nutrition Education.
When we realize that something as primal as the food that we choose to eat each day makes such an important difference in addressing both global warming and personal health, it empowers us and imbues these choices with meaning.
Overall, a bulk of the recipe for making my lifestyle work is passion, creativity and resourcefulness. I truly believe anyone who wants to eat more veggies can find a way to make it work for them.
Although more research is needed, there is no doubt that diet plays a role in cancer prevention. Without scientific support for which individual nutrients are most effective, people should adopt a whole-foods approach to ensure a balanced intake of protective phytonutrients.
For a holiday meal as good as your mother's, serve up the Harvest Vegetable Loaf with Mary's recipe for Vegan Mashed Potatoes (with sweet potato) and my version of her mushroom gravy, below. With all this "comfort food," you'll never even miss the meat -- guaranteed!
At times, it almost feels like every scientist in the world is secretly conspiring to ruin the idea of a good meaty meal by generating more bad news about meat and well-researched proof that a plant-based diet is optimal for good health.
Ideological discussions have their time and place, but some facts about food choices and our health hold true no matter what your personal beliefs may be on eating or avoiding animal products.
A national telephone poll revealed the following interesting (and some surprising) details about food choices that vegans, vegetarians and the veg-curious are making.
Add these delicious vegan recipes to your Thanksgiving menu this year and they'll be a part of your holiday stories, memories and traditions for years to come.
2011-11-03-Screenshot20111103at12.05.28PM.jpg We can all make a difference right now, by choosing plant-based foods when we eat. Here are 11 delicious recipes to get you started.
Once you're sold on the value of beans and enjoy eating them regularly, you may want to stretch a little and cook them from scratch. It's so much easier than you might imagine.