Daffodils are the perfect flower for such a happiness-inducing project: as perennials, they'll come back spring after spring -- and they're virtually indestructible. And, the best time of year to plant daffodils is the fall!
These simple tips for keeping cool will help you even in the balmy temperatures we've been experiencing in the last week. Let's hope it carries on for a bit longer!
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During the winter season, we start thinking about spring, and with that, comes gardening and planting. We flip through the latest garden magazines hoping that our backyards could be half as beautiful as the gardens in those glossy photos.
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The U.S. Forest Service reports that "strategically placed trees save up to 56 percent on annual air-conditioning costs," while
Make life pleasant -- listen to the birds, fill a hummingbird feeder or watch the butterflies land on the flowers. Admire your hard work. Hug your children tightly, tell them you love them and watch them grow into amazing creatures. Your efforts will pay off, I promise.
Did The Secret Garden render the obvious and turn me into a green thumb? No, though I dabble happily in the dirt, even if it now means little more than providing a snack for the deer that roam our neighborhood. It did, however, help grow my love of language.
A British woman called the BBC for help identifying a mysterious weed. She not only learned what it is, but also that she’s breaking the law by having it.
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Check out our inspiring video at "All creatures," she told me, "need to be well hydrated, and that
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Only those pure in heart can enter the magical portal to this pungent Brigadoon. It's been a hell of a winter.
This year, St. Patrick's Day came and there was a six-inch crust of icy snow over the garden. So I wasn't going to plant
Melina Lingondo is a teacher in Busia County, Kenya and founded the Green Schools project, Our Trees, Our Future, which promotes
This unseasonably cool spring -- a by-product of global weirding -- is a perverse gift for those of us who didn't get around to planting our gardens yet. The soil's only just beginning to warm up, so now is actually a great time to get some seeds in the ground!
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"Gardening is gangsta because you're empowering yourself. The weapon I choose is not a gun, it's a shovel. Any plot of dirt
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To some, I suppose I might seem crazy, like a lady who lives alone with too many cats. But that's okay with me. With my hands in the soil and my head in the fronds, I am beyond calm. I'm... happy.
Luckily with the help of LA Green Grounds, a charity he co-founded to help spread gardens throughout Los Angeles, Finley
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Get your bulbs ready.
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This woody, evergreen vine is native to southeast Asia (zones 8-10) but can thrive just as well in the southeastern U.S. (zone
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Through a Rose-Colored Cactus... With about two dozen species in cultivation, mature size can range from a sprawling plant
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Last Sunday morning I woke up with an idea for a project; A garden of bright, colorful flowers that fit on my fire escape
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TreePeople, a local nonprofit organization, is offering its bimonthly Citizen Forester training to LA County residents on Saturday, July 10.