Lauren Singer can fit all of her waste from the past three years into one mason jar.
"Plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest," warns Jeff Bridges in a new video titled "Open Your Eyes." The actor/musician
2) Plastic gift wrap, ribbons, and bows. Save these to wrap gifts in the future or for art projects. If you have too much
Dates. Drier dates (like Deglet Noor) are fine stored on the counter in a bowl or the paper bag* they were bought in. Store
Here are just a few of the hundreds of tips I outline in my book that will help you be part of the solution: Collect a stash
So did it work? I'm not really sure. Baking soda is not supposed to "cure" powdery mildew, but to prevent it from spreading
As for marking my seeds, several readers have recommended wooden Popsicle sticks, which would be great if I had a bunch of
Some companies, such as American Soil and Stone in Richmond, CA, sell soil and amendments in bulk. They can dump it into
by guest blogger Rick Chillot, senior editor, That got me thinking about another option: a super-hero-type shopping
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It does seem like plastic has a place in our world. If it weren't for plastic packaging, I don't know that local, organic
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A former geology professor of mine used to say that this period of geologic history would be seen in the future as "The Pampers Layer." That can't be the legacy we intend to leave.