Plastic recycling

Plastic trash has overwhelmed America. Fossil fuel companies are about to make it worse.
In Germany, strict recycling laws are widely praised. But success masks a dark truth.
This new reality risks an increase of plumes of toxic pollution that threaten many black and Latino communities.
Recycled plastic is keeping millions of discarded bottles out of our oceans, for now. But is it a long-term solution?
The company says it's committed to recycling, but a new Greenpeace report says that's not enough.
With ghost nets, the carnage is repeated over and over again -- sinking when heavy with dead marine life, but once it has decomposed, the nets float back up to the surface, and the grisly process is repeated.
This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network: It's beyond sobering and bordering on infuriating: Almost every
To avoid confusion, New Yorkers will receive mailers that describe the expansion of the recycling program and include illustrations
From Earth911's Kathryn Sukalich: If you have curbside pickup for recyclables at your home, you probably have a general idea
Let me know how and if you recycle your beads and baubles on future trips to New Orleans. And bring me back a king cake too
Unlike air pollution which we can see and smell, most think plastic is harmless, or merely an aesthetic eyesore when seen on the ground or in the water, Woodring says, and is perceived of as less of a planetary problem by the public.