Platinum jubilee

The four-day bash commemorates the queen’s 70 years as the British monarch.
The palace said with “great reluctance” the monarch has decided to skip the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Watch Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee kick off with pomp and circumstance to mark her historic milestone on the British throne.
The disgraced Duke of York has seen the queen in recent days, royal sources said, but not since he tested positive.
Louis yelling next to Queen Elizabeth is perhaps the most perfect photo from the Trooping the Colour celebrations.
Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis played key roles in a very important part of the queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
In Britain’s former colonies, many see the monarch as an anchor to an imperial past whose damage still lingers.
The documentary will including footage capturing the monarch as a young mother and her beaming at her engagement ring.
The monarch doesn’t celebrate the anniversary of the date she became queen, known as Ascension Day, as it is also the anniversary of her father’s death.
The description for the whole lot of mugs, plates and tea sets cheekily suggests that the buyer “Take-up plate spinning as a hobby.”