This should be obvious: Don’t hold an entire religion responsible for the actions of a few radicals.
Citing US intelligence officials, earlier this week CNN says that senior Trump campaign advisors were in constant communication
I understand that giving up certainty presents a near insurmountable challenge. Certainty is convenient, provides immediate
So how do we get the facts straight about what happened in the past? Of course, this assumes that we really want to know
Through his/her inquiry, a philosopher would also cut through the multi-layered and convoluted military bureaucracy and the
I'm continually amazed by the insights of Friedrich Nietzsche.
A collection of depressing quotes about government.
Today, the New York Public Library's 2016 class of top summer readers will be honored on the same field in the Bronx. I congratulate
Fast forward about 3,000 years to Israel Horovitz' play Out of the Mouths of Babes. In this striking Cherry Lane Theatre production (, the Babes are adults. Out of their mouths comes wit..with claws. Picture four sassy, savvy, snarky babes -- all ex-wives and lovers of the same beloved Professor -- clumped together in one Paris apartment for his funeral.
Unlike most individuals, I picked up Plato's famous work The Republic willingly. With a two-and-a-half millennia pedigree and a reputation as the "cornerstone of western philosophy", I felt it was high time to broaden my mind and get a glimpse into the origins of European thought.