This should be obvious: Don’t hold an entire religion responsible for the actions of a few radicals.
And, it's hard to know which is more worrying: the man in charge of America's nuclear arsenal is so deluded that he believes
If you're hesitant to accept my gift, consider the words of my late grandmother: "No matter how much you know, what you don't
This is the kind of education that schools and teachers want to give you as students, but which government refuses to allow
The philosopher's job--true to the Socratic tradition--would be to ask "simple" questions. However, instead of focusing on
I'm continually amazed by the insights of Friedrich Nietzsche.
A collection of depressing quotes about government.
I am where I am today because of books. In one of my countless visits, with the help of a librarian, I discovered JK Rowling's
The answer is to strive for quality rather than quantity. To live and think well is based upon self-discipline, consideration and cooperation. None of these tenets are antithetical to social media, only unutilized.
Fast forward about 3,000 years to Israel Horovitz' play Out of the Mouths of Babes. In this striking Cherry Lane Theatre production (, the Babes are adults. Out of their mouths comes wit..with claws. Picture four sassy, savvy, snarky babes -- all ex-wives and lovers of the same beloved Professor -- clumped together in one Paris apartment for his funeral.
Unlike most individuals, I picked up Plato's famous work The Republic willingly. With a two-and-a-half millennia pedigree and a reputation as the "cornerstone of western philosophy", I felt it was high time to broaden my mind and get a glimpse into the origins of European thought.
In the sixth part of his Chronicle of a caged journalist series, Egyptian war correspondent Yehia Ghanem asks how the US and the mujahideen, both, walked into cages constructed of ignorance so that they came to view each other as enemies.
"If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck," is certainly not tantamount to "the pot calling the kettle
One of the purposes of a humanities course is to stimulate critical thinking. It need not always be a free-fire zone of narrowly focused rat-a-tat questions, but can be a leisurely ramble through a laid-back moodscape that poses a question in search of an answer.
This wave of thought police infiltrating academia has begat new vocabulary. Neo-colonialist professor's incessant "micro
The second case implies infinite happiness and immorality. You would be reunited with all of your deceased loved ones, pets
We've had the Golden Age; the Golden Goose; Golden Oldies; Golden Books; the Golden Globes. And now we 've got My Golden Days.
What if we could download our minds in a computer and lived forever as pure, digital consciousness? What if we are already
When that war was over in 404 BCE, Athens was defeated and humiliated. The victorious Spartans smashed Athens' walls and
But what does this really mean? And what does it have to do with AI? Western democracy is based on a political idea that