plaxico burress

Plaxico Burress finally has an NFL team, but now he might have trouble getting to practice ... his driver's license has been
Shoot! Jack Taylor of Division III Grinnell College in Iowa scored an NCAA-record 138 points in their 179-104 win over Faith Baptist Bible. And he missed 56 shots! He was 52 of 108 from the field.
The Steelers have been fighting the injury bug all season. They have been without Troy Polamalu and James Harrison for a
The cuffs were strapped on, mug shots precisely snapped and psyches fully tarnished. But this was no routine stop. Stealing
If you were not already convinced that mandatory minimum sentencing laws are a colossal fraud, recent developments in New York City should convert you.
Seconds after acting out the gun incident, Johnson began the second phase of his celebration. He spread his arms to mock
Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick are becoming leaders by playing well and staying out of trouble. They've also owned up to what they've done.
So I come to you not simply as a fan, but also as someone who knows well the inner workings of sports and entertainment and as someone who wants to see you live up to your full potential, not just as elite athletes, but as men.
What a come on. A carpet company in Dallas offered free flooring and counter tops if Josh Hamilton of Texas hit a grand slam homer.