The toy brand announced five new compounds, including Play-Doh Slime.
How the putty substance became a beloved children's toy.
Four child hood activities we can all bring back in our life-our adult life- full of responsibilities, bills, and errands.
Nearly everyone, it seems, is obsessed with the spanking-new erotic drama, Fifty Shades of Grey -- a film apparently so awesome that two sequels were announced before the first one even hit cinemas.
Hey Guys! If your toddler is like mine, she loves unboxing even more than Sofia the First. Specifically, she loves Disney Collector, that Play-Doh mushing, Magic Clip doll-worshiping enigma wrapped in an immaculate Hello Kitty manicure that is taking YouTube by storm.
When you were a kid, you likely spent many a day turning gobs of multicolored Play-Doh into apples, beasts, monsters and
How in the hell do we talk to our sons about penises before they're 21 if they keep getting these? "Dad, why did you take that from me, I was decorating the top of my cake. I was going to put a worm on the top." "Because son, it's a penis."
It occurred to me today, on my way into the gym where I do cardiac rehab throughout the week, that likely only those who
To celebrate this festive occasion -- and the fact that it coincides with back-to-school season -- the Play-Doh brand has
Anyone who cares about contemporary art and is in New York City should certainly visit the Whitney Museum's current Jeff Koons retrospective. I went with low expectations, thinking I'd seen it all before. But I'm delighted to report that there is a lot to learn and enjoy in this retrospective.
Instead of just not preparing a favorite family meal, or wishing an annoying toy away, what if I added some Disney spin? What if I started putting things in the Vault?
44. Listen to her say, "I don't want to PLAY with the play dough. I just wanted to MAKE the play dough."
It wasn't "something that gets into your parent's rug and stays there for decades."
Kids are creative creatures. And like all brilliant artists-in-training, they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty by pushing
Heading somewhere far off means running smack into a spectrum of new sights, new sounds, new tastes. But along with these comes the inevitable oven-fresh batch of eye-rolling, mind-blowing, completely incomprehensible Mysteries of Travel.
He'll work with Hasbro to create additional Play-Doh sculptures and images will be posted to Play-Doh's Facebook page. A
Our leaders need Play-Doh to deescalate their tantrums and get into the mindset of shaping a world that our preschoolers will thrive in both today and tomorrow.
Neccessity may be the mother of invention, but neverunderestimate the power of a good accident. The makers of Popsicle and
Via Uggly Doggy comes Play Doh ads from Singapore that want to remind parents that no matter what your kids do with Play
Slinky: A boy discovers that his new toy, a springy coil of metal that mysteriously comes to life, is all he needs to become the greatest secret agent ever.