The "Being Mary Jane" actor perfectly described Kaavia and Cairo's meetup as "pure sweetness and comedy."
As Joey’s social calendar manager, I will say say on his behalf that he is really honored.
During play dates, it’s impossible to finish a sentence, let alone an entire story.
Playdate. Sometimes I cringe at the word. I have been ducking and dodging the word for eight years now. I spent the first few years of my son's life working fervently to arrange them. Trying to get my kid to play with another kid felt like trying to arrange a marriage.
As I picked up my daughter recently from a playdate, she got in the car and proceeded to tell me one of her friends had lied to her that day. This was my cue to turn off the radio. "Lied to you? Are you sure?" I proceeded to ask. Yes, quite sure.
My friends who live in subdivisions have the same "problem" I do: We have to create "playdates" in order for our kids to have any friends.
I'm a planner, and planning my own psychiatric hospitalization may sound ridiculous, but it is emblematic of how I live my life.
When your choices for playmates are limited, it's hard to resist the convenience of a little boy next door. Still, your daughter needs to feel safe, and if there isn't an adult on hand to ensure that she will not come home in tears, you will need to take action.
I'm not about to bring another free loader with bodily fluids into my house. I've occasionally considered a goldfish and deemed them too much hassle less than 24 hours later. We are gloriously pet-free and I refuse to feel bad about that.
Yes, playdates are fabulous opportunities for your child to learn social skills and make new friends, but there are also many benefits for mom as well.
I encourage you to PRESERVE THE PLAYDATE -- the safe, organized, adult-led, pre-scheduled, mutually agreed upon time where children can have safe and organized fun for a specific pre-scheduled period of time in a safe and mutually agreed upon location. The future of our nation depends on it.
This idea that two kids playing together has to be an event is altering the spontaneity of our children. It has become too formal, with set dates and times, rendering my son incapable of calling his friends because he feels awkward asking, especially when a grown-up answers.
It is not unlikely for children to behave one way with family and an entirely different way when friends are around, but that doesn't mean you have to put an end to playdates.
But man, sometimes when we host a playdate I can't help but wonder if some kids are actually being raised by wolves!
“In all your years as a parent, Jim,” they asked me, “have you ever talked to the parents of your children’s friends about
Parents of young children know what I'm talking about. Sometimes, I have an almost primal need to escape.
I don't have a problem with a movie or video game here and there, but I've found that too much of either makes my kids a little nutty. And some of the movies they'd watched at my friend's house made me feel uncomfortable, too.