By Emily DeRuy OAKLAND, Calif.—At first, the playground at Officer Willie Wilkins Park looks pretty standard. There’s a slide
I used to think playgrounds were important. Now I realize they are essential.
Playgrounds are just for children? Of course they aren’t!
Think of a child on a swing as she smiles at her mother who pushes her up and down slowly at first and then building momentum
I encourage you to check out your local playgrounds. Are they accessible? If not, work with your community to make them accessible. Encourage all parents to let their kids play. Create opportunities for inclusive play experiences like my family did and still does.
When Fruzsina Elo's first child was born he weighed 1 lb., 6 ozs., and it wasn't until he was six weeks old that she was able to hold him in her arms -- on Mother's Day. On that day she made a promise to him: that she would do everything she could to make him happy.
“We’re held accountable, which I like,” said King, who has lived in the neighborhood since 2008 and also runs the GCA's arts
It was the subtitle of Amy Fusselman's new book, Savage Park, that got my attention: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die.
"Ultimately, play matters because people matter, and it represents one of the best opportunities in our daily lives for people to really get to know one another -- to see and truly be seen by others."
For tourists with children, I've compiled a handy pocket guide to the types you will encounter most frequently on the NYC playground. Now you will know whom to ask for a spare diaper or Kleenex. And whom you should avoid.
Before kids, I bar hopped. My rock band played in them. It was a lot of monkeying around minus the monkey bars; a pretty swinging lifestyle.
Check out a preview of Biondo's work here and let us know your thoughts on the throwback imagery in the comments. "The structures
We deride helicopter parenting, but maybe the problem is that we are thinking of the wrong person in the wrong helicopter. It's the children, not the parents, who are meant to fly.
Don't you remember how you used to disappear with your friends for hours at a time? Exploring, building, hiding, playing, making up songs and dances, fighting, tossing a ball, always playing in the street, coming up with strict hierarchical kid societies, disappearing into nature?
We'll remember that bringing up children is something that generations of adults have done before us without too much fuss or bother and we'll rediscover that kids, when left alone, have amazing abilities to learn and grow.
It turns out that I've been involved in a similar activity to speed dating and I didn't even realize it: Playground speed dating!
(Story continues below.) Christian Bucks, right, uses a digital presentation to explain the buddy bench project to his classmates
Playgrounds have certainly come a long way from the ubiquitous swing sets and monkey bars - just visit your neighborhood