Playing For Change

A Conversation with Whitney Kroenke Mike Ragogna: So what's been happening with Playing For Change over the past few years
It will definitely bring a smile to your face. The video above, which brings together people of all religions, class, continents
Both countries seem unable to move beyond affirmations of the legitimacy, even moral purpose, of their employees' projects. Each expects the other to act as though its laws are without merit.
I had an amazing musical journey last week. While this isn't so uncommon for me, considering the abundance of opportunities
Hyped since its 2004 launch and now in the midst of an expansive international tour, Playing For Change is proving to be so much more than a cover band with multinational cred.
How can we create a sense of International Peace Day every day? It takes work, and mindful effort, but it doesn't have to be complicated.
Playing for Change is not just about making pretty videos. It's about connecting a global community where access to medicine, education, and mutual respect are a given.
Today, Starbucks is conducting a live, world-wide sing-along that will span across multiple countries, languages and time zones, featuring artists from around the world singing "All You Need Is Love."
In one of the last civilized nations to deny universal health care to its citizens, just because we can put on a show, does not mean we should have to.
Our children will inherit a world profoundly changed by the combination of technology and humanity that is social media.
But you have to give in to the beat. On a recent segment of The Charlie Rose Show, world-renowned chef Ferran Adria observed
Together Through Life is a tonic whose pace is moderate, music is organic, lyrics are intelligent, and feel is refreshingly human.
Here to spread a little peace on tax day, this is the Playing for Change: Peace Through Music video including the fine baritone
Featuring over twenty musicians from four continents who have never met, "Don't Worry" makes its auspicious debut today, on Martin Luther King Day, and is featured here.
To ponder our path is overwhelming, but when I simplify its core, I realize we are all still humans being and we are all one.