The Korean-Canadian playwright saw a career milestone cut short by COVID-19, but her stage and screen plans are far from over.
The acclaimed playwright was known for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "A Delicate Balance."
A. Infinite Absence in some ways mirrors Magellan's archetypal transit through the strait that bears his name and then out
The writers Adrienne Kennedy and Tanya Selvaratnam met when Kennedy was a visiting lecturer at Harvard University, where
Almost Telling My Brother I Was Abused The night before, we had our Passover Seder.  Now, Jeff was typing in his laptop what
The curtain doesn't unfurl at the start of the play for gloom is what envelops every corner of the Art's Council's auditorium
Film, television and theater all require the collaboration of dozens to hundreds of artists. Film and television, however, rely on sound and images, both of which can be digitally created. Theater requires the actor.
Mission complete. My sister Diane was having a yard sale along with friends and family who showcased their items along her