plea deal

A federal judge said the special counsel's office is "no longer bound by its obligations" after the former Trump campaign chairman lied.
Special counsel Robert Mueller alleged in a court filing that the former Trump campaign chairman lied to investigators.
The former Trump campaign chairman pleaded guilty to two charges involving criminal conduct as part of a plea deal with the special counsel's office.
Trump's former campaign chairman had already been convicted of several felonies and was about to face another trial in the special counsel's investigation.
Prisoners, on average, have roughly a one-in-ten shot at a successful outcome.
Question: What’s the secret to going on the lam as an anti-government global superstar and getting set up in a nice, cushy
Ang, a recent Bucknell graduate who claimed he was rushing to work when the accident occurred, was sentenced to three years
Per the terms of the plea deal, Harris-Moore agreed to forfeit all rights he may have to any movie or book deals. He also
DENVER - He is Colorado's most prolific serial killer, but a sentencing conflict is raising questions about the plea deal
A key Chicago City Council ally of Mayor Daley resigned today after agreeing to a deal that calls for him to spend more than
A plea deal apparently has been struck in the case of a Colorado surgery technician accused of swapping her dirty syringes
Essentially, honest-services fraud makes prosecutors omnipotent, because they can charge anybody they want with a federal felony.