pledge of allegiance

The councilors in St. Louis Park said it's part of an effort to "create a more welcoming environment."
The Florida sixth-grader's teacher reportedly told him he could "go to another place to live."
Ken Paxton says he’s watching out for parental rights by intervening in a lawsuit over a student who refused to stand.
"...with butchery and injustice for the most innocent of all."
Usher helped push the former NFL quarterback to the finish line.
Trumpism: “a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness, and nonsense.” – Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, currently United
When the pledge of allegiance was first introduced, there was no reference to God, or to America.
The student had sat during the pledge for years without any problems -- until now.
The whole world is watching. It is waiting to see how the great American experiment unfolds. That experiment has been from
There is a profound difference between indoctrination and civic instruction, and I venture to say that given the current state of civics and the political environment of this country, we are now witnessing the prevalence of indoctrination over civic knowledge.