pledge of allegiance

Why would anyone being marginalized pledge allegiance to a flag representing a country seemingly in the process of stripping away their freedoms?
Donald Trump, along with some January 6 rioters, have released a new record and it’s gotten quite the response.
Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) spoke out against insurrection supporters during a long and chaotic debate in the House Judiciary Committee.
The Fargo Board of Education initially barred the pledge's recital from classrooms because it didn't align with a district policy.
The late-night host made a quick reference to Flynn's well-documented legal problems.
The councilors in St. Louis Park said it's part of an effort to "create a more welcoming environment."
The Florida sixth-grader's teacher reportedly told him he could "go to another place to live."
Ken Paxton says he’s watching out for parental rights by intervening in a lawsuit over a student who refused to stand.
"...with butchery and injustice for the most innocent of all."
Usher helped push the former NFL quarterback to the finish line.