Some of the plots to kill the Palestinian Liberation Organization leader sound like action-movie scenes.
The travel restrictions make it impossible for Palestinian journalists to travel to or from Gaza or even to or from Jerusalem
The new rules were a boost for Israel in a battle against a Palestinian-led international boycott campaign.
Our new sense of high alert is particularly urgent as we enter the winter holiday season when more people travel than at
On the 20th anniversary of Rabin's assassination, Israelis and Palestinians debate what might have been if he had survived.
Mahmoud Abbas holds many titles. He is the head of the Fateh movement, chairman of the PLO's executive committee and president of the state of Palestine. Technically and legally, the Palestine Liberation Organization is superior.
The best way to show support and solidarity for leaders to take courageous decision is to come up with a national non-violent strategy for liberation that is agreed to by all Palestinians.
The Israeli soldier who pulled the trigger in Dheisheh Wednesday may have killed a two-decade-old security and political arrangement that has mostly benefited the Israelis and their settlement scheme.