"Because all of the treatments proposed in this study are standard of care, there is no predictable increase in risk for
When the women submitted the study to peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, a male reviewer came back with some pretty shocking
"Sleep is important for good health and mental wellbeing. Optimizing sleep at an older age may help to delay the decline
The study also projects that 10,798 new wind turbines will be built in the region, which will have a footprint as well, albeit
Every parent knows Brontosaurus, and every kid knows that it's now called Apatosaurus. Some of the most awe-inspiring skeletons at a natural history museum are the sauropods.
Matt Wedel, a sauropod specialist, is a kind of reverse-chiropractor for dinosaurs. While back-crackers twist and turn your spine to release pockets of air in between your vertebrae, Wedel and his colleague Michael Taylor are all about discovering the air spaces inside dinosaur backbones.
In the new study, scientists divided the scans randomly into two sets, one to build the diagnostic system and the other to
I am a tuberculosis physician in Delhi, India, and daily face numerous obstacles and challenges in treating TB. Stigma against
A new study from the PLOS ONE journal reveals that overheard cell phone conversations are more irritating and distracting than a dialogue between two people nearby.
Here are the ten jobs that burn the most calories, according to When it comes to working off calories, some