For many indigenous people, Thanksgiving isn’t about breaking bread with colonists. It’s a national day of mourning.
Of all the things Esther Begam says she regretted in life, it was never finishing school.
Especially the parts about Squanto the "friendly Indian."
“Some would say, ‘Why be so dark about it?’ Well, it's real, it's truthful, it was a holocaust,” says the head of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribal council.
Gin wasn't invented by the Brits, but it certainly was popularized there. And as that popularity has surged in recent years, craft distilleries and production has boomed across the world. But what about the original?
As a Miamian, I know the heartache of hurricanes. Cold showers may be character-building, but you don't want more character (or cold water), you want your electricity back, you want your house back, you want your life back. The concept of Thanksgiving may ring a little hollow at the moment, as you're wondering just what to be thankful for.
Although the band was found a few years later, the engagement ring defied many sweeps by metal detectors and the Bridgewater
Holding on to an old car from the '80s or '90s isn't going to help you re-live your glory days; it just makes you look like Uncle Rico. Dude, let it go already.
390 years later, Thanksgiving die-hards, or interested history buffs can venture to the place where it all began at the living
The real story of the first Thanksgiving is neither as simple nor as consoling as the pared down account we learned in history class would suggest.