Mahmoud Abbas holds many titles. He is the head of the Fateh movement, chairman of the PLO's executive committee and president of the state of Palestine. Technically and legally, the Palestine Liberation Organization is superior.
Most millionaires are concerned about inequality, and nearly half support a higher minimum wage and more taxes on the rich, according to a new survey.
According to PNC Wealth Management's annual Christmas Price Index -- a tongue-in-cheek look at the current costs of each
In recent years, the SEC granted 64 waivers that allowed companies to avoid new regulatory examinations. At least 35 were
Another company, Akamai, has been blocking cyber attacks from reaching data centers where bank websites are hosted. Michael
Wells Fargo spokeswoman, Bridget Braxton said that some of the banks' 21 million customers were temporarily delayed accessing
The latest wave of banks closing locations included Akron, Ohio-based First Merit; Pittsburgh's PNC bank and Key Bank, based
Hamas, which has for years opposed the PLO, agreed to join the efforts to reform the PLO. Talks behind the scenes produced positive results. A new PLO will soon see the light, provided that reconciliation continues and that elections take place in Palestine.
NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Regional banks can no longer ignore the elephant in the room -- their exposure to the commercial real