"It is unacceptable that Virunga’s rangers continue to pay the highest price in defense of our common heritage."
Protecting wildlife is not just a matter of protecting our planet. It is also a security issue, an economic security issue, and an international development issue that is critical to all our interests.
Big mistake. The lions defended their turf and attacked the poachers. This resulted in five of them becoming food, three
The Global Anti-Poaching Act passed by the House of Representatives increases penalties for wildlife traffickers and aims
There is a moral issue that seems to elude those who get their satisfaction from killing animals at their whim. There are all kinds of atrocities that are legal in some parts of the world that most of us would find appalling.
Rohan's mom also said something unforgettable that I hope to instill in my future children: "We try to teach our children
Only about 60 Amur leopards remain in the wild, but that hasn't deterred poachers.
Its potential impact of this announcement could be critical to the fate of Africa's declining elephant populations, which have been targeted by ruthless criminal syndicates across sub-Saharan Africa to supply the international demand for ivory.
The government is up against heavily armed "organized gangs" that often venture into protected national parks from neighboring
I joined the WCS Malaysia team on a trek recently through the rainforest of Endau-Rompin, a state park in the southern part of Johor on Peninsular Malaysia. To get to this remote rainforest, you drive many hours past acre after acre of oil palm, through a forest reserve, and then you are there.
A 4-year-old rhino is fighting for her life after poachers hacked the horn off her face and left her for dead. Read more
"Where we are today, where man has got to take extreme measures to save wildlife ... this is Africa's most iconic mammal
In celebration of World Wildlife Day, let us remember that wild animals have made us who we are. They are essential to our foundation, to our very existence. Wild animals keep our world alive. Without them, there is no us.
Californians are proud to have a bear adorn their state flag, but by helping stop the illegal trade in ivory through the enactment of this ban, the Golden State would be supporting a global effort to save another symbol of strength and determination.
Australians love the environment and they clearly understand the importance of protecting our life support system -- the oceans.
Parks come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of where our parks are, how big they are, and what kind of wildlife call them home, they are all important because of their positive contributions to humans and to the natural world.
Fifteen percent of the human race, or 1.1 billion people, arise each morning to make their livelihood by killing nature.