Baltimore is a family-friendly city, but staying with kids doesn't mean you have to forfeit experiencing Baltimore's best asset: its quirky originality. Here's how to spend 24 hours in the city that will satisfy both parents and kids.
The Philippines' politics has become more dynamic, less predictable, and therefore more interesting as we get closer to the fateful 2016 elections.
Joseph Finder has a background every thriller novelist would love to have. He spent his early childhood living around the world.
For mystery, suspense and thriller novels, viewing the plot as "(almost) irrelevant" seems an extraordinary stretch. Frankly, I find that conclusion preposterous.
I looked down at the two wooden objects on the concrete floor, baffled. "See? They're smiling at you," my grandma said. It wasn't until years later when I that I stopped by the Chao-Tian Temple (also called Matzu Temple) and tried to understand the significance of the block throwing.
A handwritten, signed manuscript of "The Conqueror Worm," one of Edgar Allan Poe's most disturbing poems (and that's saying a lot), sold at auction for $300,000 last week, at 15 times its estimate. The poem is memorable for its strange and powerful allegorical frame and its brutal detail.
But there are also some really horrible ones. So, to honor the great writer on his birthday, we've put together a collection
The underlying concept of Poe's story is that no one, no matter how rich and powerful, can escape death. Such a relevant and macabre idea. The Masque of the Red Death was just begging to be turned into a post-apocalyptic novel.