"Words is where I operate and where I can make magic happen," the inaugural poet said on "The Late Late Show."
Meghan Markle highlighted the Season 15 final with a shoutout to another contestant.
There's more to this Sufi mystic than meets the eye.
It may be fair to say that we Bob Dylan fans have been rooting for this moment far harder, for far longer, than Dylan himself.
"I think being an artist, you are in the business of telling it like it is," Aja Monet says.
It was the mid-1970s and Muhammad Ali was my new hero. To me, a grade-schooler, he was larger than life and yet so down-to-earth. My parents were in his inner circle, which gave me magical memories and personal insights on greatness.
His name is Carlos Andrés Gómez -- and he won't let you forget it.