How do you draw the line between not wanting to live anymore and wanting to die?
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All of these poems manage to be instructive without being didactic, wearing a mantle of historical authority draped casually
Poets pay attention to signals. It's always legitimate for them to ask questions about institutional actions that might impact the community of working poets, and how the public views and understands poetry.
The "contradiction" between iconic and symbolic signs is of course no accident. As a great poet, Blake would not be chained
Diane Luby Lane It chronicles the stories of struggle and redemption of 20 of our poets, along with their chosen classic
It's not a passing thing. We're not going to stop working on this idea. Not for a long time. We're incredibly happy with its success. We love the writers we have discovered and we can't wait to discover more. We're proud of what Write A House has accomplished so far, and we're very curious to see what it will do next.
Call me a fool or call me an idealist. All I know is through stillness and meditation at least for one day, I was called a poet.
Emily Skillings is the author of two chapbooks: Backchannel (Poor Claudia) and Linnaeus: The 26 Sexual Practices of Plants (No, Dear/ Small Anchor Press).