I find that to be an amazingly unselfish contribution to the holiday season which I can appreciate, so that being said, I
In honor of my cousin, Martha, who recently died from breast cancer, her daughters hosted a "Be The Good Day" on December 4th which would have been her birthday. Martha often said "Every day isn't a good day, but there is good in every day."
However, with 250 injuries a day from decorating for the holiday season, holiday safety is less funny in the ER. Unless you have a stuntman, follow my five rules for a health fail-free holiday.
So maybe they aren't as ubiquitous as the Christmas tree or have a song inspired by their name, but poinsettias are known
Usually the Mafia is known for pushing daisies — but over in Naples, its apparently pushing poinsettias for the holidays.
If you don't respect the mafia pushing poinsettias, you'll be pushing up daisies. Four Italian gangsters were arrested in
Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not toxic to people or animals, suicides do not increase over the Christmas holidays