Point Reyes

On millions of acres of grazed American range land, if you plunge a shovel into the ground, you’re likely to find light-colored
Here are a few memories past that are now destined to only be memories, forever more. While it has always been difficult
There is something really harsh about the beginning of a new year. We all need something to look forward to. Are you ready to get out of town? While you may not be able to take time off from work, there's always the weekend. Hop in the car, put on your favorite music playlist and drive.
The next time you're rolling down the West Coast and feeling car-bound jitters, take a breather and discover some of California's top hidden travel gems as picked by us here at Hopper.
The Ninth Circuit upheld Salazar's decision based on a study he commissioned, finding that the oyster farm possibly caused
Rich Stallcup, one of the great ornithologists of his generation, died in December from leukemia at the age of 67. He had a certain aversion for publicity, and his life somehow mimicked the existence of the birds he so loved: intensely pursued, with a graceful passing.
This tale might appear to be a poster story for economy versus environment and business versus bureaucrats. Why terminate a permit for a business that generated jobs -- and food?
Kinsey, noting existing businesses now use Grandi property for parking, said parking will be reviewed. "Marshall Livingston
Last week, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar found an intelligent solution to a controversial debate in northern California by balancing conservation with preservation of the local ranching heritage.
Point Reyes National Seashore is remarkably diverse, both in animal life and habitat.
The cameras were first established in 1995 to track animals returning to the area after the Vision Fire ravaged 13,000 acres
Have some friends that don't like to bike? That's great news for you! If they have a car, utilize their biking ineptitude to your advantage. Have them pack a cooler of beer and a bike rack and meet you just north of Point Reyes at Tomales Bay Oyster Co.
Like many, I experience nature as something put there for our enjoyment and, often enough, our ownership. In times like these
"America's best idea" still isn't complete. If we don't grow the system, we risk loving to death the parks that we have.