The package was intercepted before it reached the White House, law enforcement officials said.
Despite warnings, poison control centers still get about 40 calls a day. Here's what parents can do.
Some classic holiday plants can actually harm your pet. These are the plants you should avoid.
The German shepherd Kaos worked for weeks in 2016 helping find survivors of an Italian earthquake.
A man and a woman in the UK have fallen ill after being exposed to novichok, the deadly nerve agent used in an assassination attempt on a Russian spy earlier this year.
Enemies of Russia have a history of dropping dead or falling ill from poisonings.
Poison control centers have responded to 39 cases involving teens this year. Most were for ingestion.
He likes "safely premade" food, according to a new tell-all book about the White House.
Former general Slobodan Praljak has died after drinking poison in court during his trial for war crimes.
As He and She reluctantly relive their shared past, she reiterates that she grieves every day for her child and grows increasingly
5. "lite metal intensifies the melodic component [of heavy metal] and blends it with elements of hard rock, diminishing the
"We feel this could not have been an accident," her mother says as police investigate.
End of an era In the 1940s, Seaside was witness to a curious and disturbing incident. Despite an abundance of musical clubs
It is a slow and very painful death if untreated, nothing like the quick and painless death the Egyptian queen would have preferred. It seems likely that William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Taylor have framed the snake, and that the real Cleopatra committed suicide by some other means, such as poison.
The animals reportedly ate meat from a cow carcass that was laced with pesticides.
Are you planning on murdering someone, but your only stop is the fear of getting caught? Or are you plotting a crime thriller where your serial-slayer stays steps ahead of that dogged detective who's also top-tier in her trade?