The clerk is facing a manslaughter charge after police said he shot the shoplifter as he was attempting to leave the store.
Dashcam footage obtained by HuffPost captures the moment two Los Angeles police officers ignored a call for back up and instead drove around to play Pokemon Go. Both were later fired.
The hothead tennis star got lots of ink done in a very involved tribute to one of his favorite franchises.
The Pokémon account took down a TikTok that featured two characters in the franchise in an expletive-filled video.
Pokemon and other sports trading cards will only be available online, the retailer said.
The couple stepped out together for the New York City premiere of "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu."
Jiansheng Chen, a Chinese immigrant, began playing the game to connect with his grandchildren.
This Pokemon is so cute when he's all jittery from the Joe.
The movie is the first foray into a live-action Pokémon film universe.