polar bear

Shrinking sea ice caused by a warming climate is forcing bears to stay inland in search of food, conservationists say.
A French swimming competition, an impressive sandcastle and a displaced polar bear round out this week's best images.
"People are scared. They are frightened to leave homes, and their daily routines are broken."
The injuries aren't life-threatening for the man who was taking passengers to shore for a tour.
Mysterious, powerful, dangerous and stunningly beautiful, the polar bear, currently in danger of extinction due to climate change, evokes fascination and awe. They are one of the most iconic and legendary animals to grace this planet.
Captivating video shows the 5-week-old stretching out and making cute noises.
The title is a bit of a sledgehammer. Would you guess that The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals is a beautiful thing?
Living conditions outside the cozy confines of our ship are harsh at best, but amazingly we've had a number of wildlife encounters over the past two weeks.
Interior granted Shell "conditional approval" to begin exploratory drilling in the Arctic this summer, but the company still
For polar bears and for all of us, the world is starting to come together, with peer pressure, a drop in the cost of renewables, and a growing recognition of the need to take action all playing a role.
Thanks to an initiative by explore.org, Polar Bears International and Frontiers North Adventures, you can watch the polar
In February, however, the director of Mendoza Zoo said experts had determined Arturo to be too old and his health too fragile
Still daunted by settings and white balance, I shot in auto mode but I did try and pay attention to composition and create images that would help me tell a story.
"Green Is Good," T.D. Max's story mostly about The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in the May 12 New Yorker, starts out covering TNC's current strategy to partner with big polluters to get them to mitigate in the interest of their own bottom lines.
When this mother polar bear emerged from her den in northern Manitoba, Canada, wildlife videographer Andrew Manske captured
Toronto Zoo's newest resident, an almost three-month-old polar bear cub, is winning the hearts of viewers everywhere. In
Cue the squealing and cooing! Here's a video of a baby polar bear taking his very first steps -- wobbles and all: Polar bears