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Quickel is the founder of Vigilante Truth, a faith-based nonprofit under Vigilante Truckers that aims to educate truck drivers
Gloria left her full time marketing job in August of last year to become a Digital Activist Fellow with the Polaris Project, an organization in the global fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
In 2011, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott stated that "the Super Bowl is one of the biggest human trafficking events in
It's important to remember that human trafficking and modern slavery is not just a crime committed by a criminal against his or her victim.
At a Congressional hearing Wednesday, lawmakers tackled the pipeline from foster care to prostitution, hearing from child advocates and a victim of sex trafficking raised in foster care.
Human traffickers have picked up where slavery, brutal racial-based penal laws, sharecropping and Jim Crow left off. If that seems far-fetched, just listen to Luis CdeBaca at the U.S. State Department.
Updated: Aug. 15, 6:50 p.m. EST By the Polaris Project's rankings -- which look at laws, advocacy efforts, victims' assistance
HuffPost Impact editor Jessica Prois pointed out other ways that -- while nonprofits press the government to do more to fight
HuffPost Impact editor Jessica Prois pointed out other ways that -- while nonprofits press the government to do more to fight
Watch the Google announcement about the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network above. Three organizations fighting global
27 million people are "slaves." The Trafficking Victims Protection Act would protect and increase support for human trafficking victims, but Congress has let it expire.
While being entertained by a film, Taken, which takes place abroad that and is mere fiction, it is believed that between 100,000 and 300,000 children are victims of human trafficking in the United States alone. Every American has to understand that we have this problem.
The hospitality industry is increasingly making things decidedly inhospitable for a certain kind of person: human traffickers
Women stand at the center of every type of dramatic change occurring in the world today: whether it's coordinating relief in Japan, consolidating democracy in Egypt or running Facebook.
Sunanda Nair does. Nair asserts, "Every time that people say, 'Oh, those are a bunch of prostitutes who got arrested,' you
Clinton Danner, 32, was arrested in downtown Chicago Sunday night as he arrived to pick up his wife from a hotel where "he