The former Colorado governor and 2020 candidate said he can beat Trump and unify the country.
Commencement was over, and we had awarded diplomas to the more than 800 graduates in a timely way. I had made remarks, as
I’m jaded. There are moments when I just feel like screaming, but I sleep until noon instead. When I read something that
The rigid attitudes typical of polarization are detrimental to collaboration and innovative thinking. Insistence on a "right
The country's changing demographics have affected both parties, but in drastically different ways.
By Greg Carey, Professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary In some parts of our country fire fighters refer
Most Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction most of the time.
Boredom, an unassuming emotion, may have a larger impact than we think.
Majorities in both parties think the opposition’s policies would be bad for the country.
Members of both major parties are motivated in large part by antipathy toward their rivals.
The political discourse of this year's presidential election is characterized by single stories. These single stories are dramatically changing group dynamics in the U.S. and abroad, widening gaps amongst already polarized communities and ethnicities.
Over the last few years, the hyper polarization of American society has gotten a lot of media attention, particularly in the form of hand-wringing from journalists predicting the downfall of civility.
While the unexpected success of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has garnered much attention, the bigger question is: How have voter disapproval and contempt translated into success for all four candidates? Is dislike the new political currency of politics?
Our American character almost demands such a department. Happiness is even enshrined in the Declaration of Independence which entitles us to the pursuit of it. Clearly, the founders thought happiness was a big deal; on the same level as life and liberty.