"I love listening to people's stories about how they became who they are."
Once upon a time, a Brooklyn-based artist named Phillip Stearns stumbled upon a collection of instant color Fujifilm. Sadly
13) Rock'N'Roll Photography: A Retrospective 15) The Polaroid Book 7) David Bailey: Look 2) National Geographic Photography
But it's Thursday, meaning Modelinia has kindly collected a Fashion Week-ready Throwback Thursday offering of our favorite
I planned to post this as a year-end-type thing, but I didn't get to it in time. My favorite Polaroids that I took in 2012.
Highly acclaimed fashion photographer Diego Uchitel, who recently released his book Polaroids, talks about his Instagram addiction, living the dream and his porn preference.
Some people claim that God created teenagers so parents wouldn't die of utter despair when their formerly adorable children left the nest and toddled off to college. But what if your teenagers are not insufferable? What if they're sweet, affectionate and pleasant to be around? What then?
In our current aesthetic era of vintage redux and everything old is new again, Diego Uchitel: Polaroids is a lovely reminder of how the influence of the Polaroid is felt long after its official demise.
Andy Warhol reportedly once said, "I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start
Technology comes and goes; that great, new machine gets replaced weeks later by an ever greater, newer machine. Logically