This would be one of the hardest things I’d ever have to do.
It is vital that Bernie sweeps New York on April 19. Concentrating on Brooklyn in particular is a strategically wise move. The area is New York's most populous borough, towering over Manhattan by some one million people, and overall Brooklyn makes up about 10 percent of the state's population.
Fears of immigrant terrorism existed back then too. In 1886 in Chicago, at a rally for the eight-hour day, someone threw
Even from the most cynical Cold-War, money-is-money, dog-eat-dog capitalism-is-capitalism perspective, a redrawn Ukraine would be far more in the West's, rather than strictly "Russian," "ethnic" interest.
The first submarine to surface at the North Pole was the USS Skate, on August 11, 1958. Fact #10: There are no arctic monkeys
Marek Edelman, who died this weekend, was one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. It was a hopeless enterprise, as Edelman and his friends knew, but they fought to make a statement about who they were.