police misconduct

“It’s pretty clear that someone didn’t want the community to read the news this week,” said Ouray County Plaindealer co-publisher Erin McIntyre.
The mother -- who says police locked her third grader in a jail cell -- believes the incident was motivated by racism.
Officer Kiran Kimbrough used a stun gun on 62-year-old Johnny Hollman Sr., leading to the man’s death.
The police chief who led a highly criticized raid of a small Kansas newspaper has been suspended.
The state Supreme Court says police can be sued for misconduct during investigations.
Garrett Hardin was on disciplinary probation at the time of Brooks’ shooting. Several deputies had accused him of making lewd and sexual comments.
Three Louisiana state troopers are charged with beating a Black motorist in 2020.
A federal investigation has been opened after body camera footage captured Sgt. Eric Huxley stomping on Jermaine Vaughn's face.
One of the new laws will allow the state to decertify police over misconduct, essentially banning them from law enforcement.
Authorities said William Harvey, 60, killed himself while left alone in a police interview room.