police reform

The new policy comes more than a year after two foot pursuits ended with officers fatally shooting a 13-year-old boy and 22-year-old man.
After months of delays, the president signed executive actions on police reform that he promised during the 2020 presidential campaign.
“There’s still so much work that needs to be done.” Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd, but experts say it’s just the beginning of police accountability.
It’s OK to call a thing a thing: Progressive police reform has failed.
Opposition to “defund the police” rhetoric and policies undermined more dramatic reform efforts in several cities.
The actor told GQ: “I’m not saying we shouldn’t defund the police. I’m saying, just don’t say that, because then people who would help you won’t.”
The president said he will continue working "to define a path forward, including through potential further executive actions."
Police are citing racial justice protests and routine 911 calls to ask for armored vehicles built for a battlefield — and the Defense Department is buying it.
The ordinance that allows elected residents to have the final say in police-related policy is a product of years-long work by the city's grassroots organizers.
Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush want to give funds to state and local government to hire social workers and mental health counselors as emergency responders.