police reform

Lawmakers want to know why the Justice Department “sharply curtailed" its role in "eradicating civil rights abuses by law enforcement.”
One of the former attorney general's final acts was to make it nearly impossible for federal civil rights lawyers to rein in police abuse.
The Trump administration has retreated from police reform. Now it's actively opposing it.
Kaep is reclaiming his protest as GQ’s “Citizen of the Year.”
How I came to recognize my own racism, bias, and privilege as a white male.
Three people have been arrested at Georgia Tech University during protests over the fatal shooting of Scout Schultz.
Three years after Mike Brown was killed in Ferguson, the St. Louis region is once again on edge.
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Reversing the policy is yet another Trump administration decision based on alternative facts.
A police officer accidentally recorded himself planting drugs at a crime scene, then “rediscovering” the stash.
We must stop making excuses and face the reality that all too often, officers will use unnecessary force on black citizens in this country.
The attorney general's politics place him at odds with Black communities and, occasionally, the officers policing them.
Reading the two-page edict released by Attorney General Jefferson Sessions I had the feeling I was missing something. I scoured
“Since when did protecting civil rights take the back seat to making sure police officers don’t get their feelings hurt?" a former DOJ official says.
The U.S. is working with Minister Avakov of the Interior Department, which has also raised eyebrows. Foreign Policy writes