police use of force

The officer who Tased the man will be charged with a misdemeanor, authorities announced this week after an investigation.
Associate law professor Seth Stoughton testified that retired Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter's actions were excessive, inappropriate and out of proportion.
Barry Brodd, a use-of-force consultant, also denied that officer Derek Chauvin's knee was ever on Floyd's neck.
The woman in Hawthorne, California, begged officers to put their guns down as they pointed it at a black man who was kneeling with his hands above his head.
The case could've allowed the justices to define the limits of police use of force around tasers.
In St. Paul, Minn., outside agencies will now investigate police incidents involving death or serious injury.
The feds will now track how police departments handle citizen complaints.
The Police Executive Research Forum calls out "missed opportunities" for ratcheting down conflicts.