police use of force

The woman in Hawthorne, California, begged officers to put their guns down as they pointed it at a black man who was kneeling with his hands above his head.
The case could've allowed the justices to define the limits of police use of force around tasers.
Excessive use of force cases are hard to win. The law simply favors the police here and with other criminal and state tort liability issues for the misuse of force. Moreover, public fears of crime complicate matters. So does racism, especially in situations with mostly white officers.
In St. Paul, Minn., outside agencies will now investigate police incidents involving death or serious injury.
The feds will now track how police departments handle citizen complaints.
The Police Executive Research Forum calls out "missed opportunities" for ratcheting down conflicts.
A Texas police officer was following protocol Tuesday when he was caught on video throwing a drunk woman to the ground, knocking
If traditional capital punishment has declined, another kind of capital punishment continues unabated. This other form of capital punishment, far more common than the traditional kind, involves the killing of Americans by the police without benefit of charges, trial, jury, or the right to appeal.
What might they find if they investigated more city police departments?
Wenzel is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. A Green Bay