With the presidential debate just a couple of weeks away, Lauer's performance serves as a teachable moment for the moderators as they prepare for the mammoth event. First, though, let's examine why Lauer was so roundly criticized.
Fake hair versus email shiftiness, a giant wall versus open arms to illegal immigrants. I'm usually cynical towards politics (everyone in the business is a crook), but even more so because of the candidates I'm forced to vote for.
Let me be clear, I'm no fan of Cruz. My political beliefs and values couldn't be further from his. Yet, I fully support his bold move on the convention stage. It takes guts to hold fast to your convictions in the face of intense opposition.
The United States military is not a genderless institution and will likely never become one. The existence of a "band of brothers" culture is indisputable. And yet thousands of women, including Deshauna Barber, serve in our armed forces regardless of this fact.
As a trained and registered nurse, Pastor Cori has always cared for and worked with people and their illness, but it seems
It is very likely that Republican Senate candidates running in blue states will actively work to distance themselves from Donald Trump, either by stating that they won't vote for Donald Trump or denouncing some of his more extreme statements.
Trump is the ultimate side-show: larger-than-life, colorful, unlike anything ever seen before, and a just little bit scary
According to Deepak Chopra, Donald Trump is both his own problem and solution. The guru weighs in on politics.
As a long-time supporter of Senator Menendez, I would certainly give him the benefit of the doubt if he were seriously challenging the allegations against him. But that does not appear to be the case.
Donald Trump is sucking up every molecule of Oxygen this side of Jupiter in the GOP primary by speaking his mind. Love him or hate him, he is unabashedly saying what he thinks.
Party crashing--or gate-crashing, as it is sometimes called--is an art form that I stumbled upon as a teen. I taught myself how to finagle into any event, anywhere, anytime.
It is not the first time our nation has felt that we were headed in the wrong direction. In fact, the father of our country, George Washington, at one time also felt very disappointed in the direction of our newly-formed nation and was not afraid to state it.
As we recognize that American sports and culture do not represent a "post-racial society" after all, it's important to look back at the '60s, the era where there was perhaps the greatest change in the relationship between African-Americans and White America.
Swarthmore has an endowment of $1.635 billion, some of which is invested in support of the fossil fuel industry, and yet historically the college has been a strong supporter of social justice. The climate change -- fossil fuel connection does not appear to be on its radar screen.
Gerardot's also not afraid to fight for the causes he supports and has some strong words for Indiana's current representation
I find it increasingly difficult to believe that certain states in the alleged "United States" would mindfully attempt to
People complain about a socialistic government that takes on medical benefits for its citizens, but what is our congress doing to offer up solutions? There are so many examples of hard-working Americans that have been kicked to the curb when it comes to medical assistance -- all because of insurance companies.
Extremism can have the appearance of populism, but rarely the numbers. It can be a blinding thought process that takes advantage of the disadvantaged, and is controlled by narrow minded leaders who are resolute in their mission
What does this say about our country when the extremely wealthy get special treatment? Just as capitalism is part of our democracy, so is fairness.
Politics is always a festive target for comedians and performers, but leave it to a gaggle of famous drag queens to impregnate 2012's election fodder with some of the best if not fertile material around.