The contrast between Blasey’s politeness and Kavanaugh’s fury wasn’t lost on those who understand the cost of being an outraged woman.
Don't underpay me or talk down to me, you do that at your own peril, but it's perfectly fine to hold the door so it doesn't slam in my face. I believe those things are mutually exclusive.
If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
You got it. We could take this a step further and go crazy with an old-fashioned bow or gracious head nod or even a thank
Over the last few days I have been getting a pop-up ad about illuminated toilets... some light up as you approach... some appear to glow if you whistle a happy tune.
It's interesting as you get older that the things your parents told you start to ring more and more true...perhaps it is maturing or maybe it's encountering situations and from somewhere a saying from the past pops up.
Kids naturally develop social skills in the preschool years, so it's a perfect time to teach and reinforce social lessons. The books below serve as modern-day primers on courtesy, graciousness, and respect that will help kids make and keep friends -- skills that will serve them well their whole lives.