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A donor said the top Trump aide touched her inappropriately and "said vile and disgusting things" during a Las Vegas charity event.
Corporate donations, not electoral fears, appear to be motivating obstructionist Democrats.
Meanwhile, other top tenants are leaving or skipping out on rent, according to The Washington Post.
One of the ex-president’s new political committees continues to pay $37,500 a month in rent at Trump Tower, just as he did during his reelection campaign.
“I think the Republican Party has lost its moral authority in a lot of areas" during the last four years, said the Illinois lawmaker.
Major League Baseball officials called the mob at the U.S. Capitol "unprecedented" and said they were suspending political contributions "pending a review" of their policies.
President Donald Trump has been using claims of election fraud to fundraise for his political future, according to multiple reports. The campaign has reportedly raised between $150 and $170 million since Election Day.
The Republican super-donor and casino mogul and his wife each cut $12.5 million checks to the group in June.
Weakened campaign finance laws mean that the former candidate has few limits on how he can help his erstwhile opponent.
Warren wants her super PAC to disclose its donors before Super Tuesday. The group says that’s not happening.