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The first Fox News Republican Party Presidential debates are over. Not surprisingly Donald Trump entertained and insulted. The supporting cast for his new apprentice show mostly hung out in the background.
Immense amounts of money from super PACs are flooding in to support politicians. The implications of lobbying are up for debate. However, it seems that lobbying provides a significant amount of political clout going to those with the greatest wealth.
Those who closely followed the 2014 midterm elections were treated to any number of compelling stories about candidates poaching
Those against gay marriage are up in arms over an even more sacred institution being encroached upon by same sex couples
The proper style for super PAC remains an issue, though. ”Super PAC” wasn’t an instant hit, however. But it wasn’t until
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Election Committee said on Thursday that the virtual currency, bitcoin, could be
The Super-PAC Tea Party Patriots announced their "launch." But what is the real purpose of this group? Are they really trying to revolutionize the Republican party, or are they taking advantage unaware donors? HuffPost's Zach Carter finds out.
Time Magazine reported the group emailed Clinton's past supporters on Sunday, offering a free bumper sticker and asking for
“CORRECTION: We sent out this email earlier and made a glaring error that we apologize for,” the email said, this time naming
Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) has taken another step forward on her new political action committee dedicated to gun