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Courts have ruled that state laws requiring truth in political advertising infringe on free speech rights.
Rep. French Hill (R-Ark.) said he did not endorse the ads, which were paid for by a PAC called Black Americans for the President's Agenda.
Comedian Kathy Griffin responded to the ad by saying, “I’m in good company.”
Seven media groups are demanding Facebook stop treating ads for news sites as though they are political ads.
Problems arise when a giant digital platform tries to regulate political speech on its own.
Sure, this seems like the kind of thing a private company should be doing. Welcome to the Facebook Election Commission.
Kemp points a shotgun at a teenager who then professes a "healthy appreciation for the Second Amendment."
The president is supposed to be negotiating with Democrats, but instead he's tying them to immigrants who've committed violent crimes.
If the campaign of 2008 was known as one of "hope" and "change," the campaign of 2016 may well go down in history as one
The North Carolina Republican Party chairman is yelling foul over an independent TV ad currently airing in the state. The
They live in California, Nevada, and Ohio. They are mothers, doctors, waitresses, business owners, married, single, straight
One Nation, a group run by a former top aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, spent more than $23 million running ads in competitive Senate contests through Aug. 18 of this election cycle -- more than any other candidate, super PAC or other entity active in Senate races around the nation.
Richard Burr promised so very much when he first ran. From term limits to deficit reduction, none of it worked out.
Four years after it began requiring TV stations to upload their records of political ad sales to a central government website, the Federal Communications Commission maintains a recordkeeping system that makes finding out who an ad's sponsor is feel like a treasure hunt.