political art

“We can’t have someone getting hurt," said gallery owner Jen Tough.
When it comes to art, everyone’s a critic, and many took to Twitter to share their feelings about "MAGA Ride."
The actor's blistering take on the death of democracy accompanied his latest anti-Trump cartoon.
The actor/artist hits the president for "encouraging" whoever is behind the bomb scare.
The odd painting shows Trump chilling with Lincoln, Nixon, Reagan and other GOP presidents.
The actor/artist calls the South Carolina Republican a "disgrace."
The actor gives the Supreme Court nominee a new piece of courtroom attire.
Renowned Iranian caricaturist Nasrin Sheykhi immigrated to the U.S. shortly after Trump's travel ban and quickly immortalized him in a painting.
The "Dumb and Dumber" actor toasts Trump in his latest satirical portrait.
Actor slams the president after news of Michael Cohen's plea deal and Paul Manafort's conviction.
A show called "Marked Urgent" is raising money for the Committee to Protect Journalists.
On the last day of his presidency, let this animation play over and over and over again.