Political Campaigns

The president's 2020 campaign team has faced backlash for hawking Trump-branded marker pens online.
But watching Fox News and rage-tweeting is not a good strategy when the president needs to win back college-educated voters, GOP consultants said.
The late night host said there's a reason Trump Jr. was at this week's campaign kickoff event in Orlando.
The widely watched Fox News host claimed Donald Trump's supporters will “be sick of seeing me by the end of the campaign."
The president's Orlando rally even had "lock her up" chants.
Trump, his staff and his allies are trying to equate their actions in the 2016 campaign with that of a former British intelligence officer who helped the FBI break the FIFA scandal.
The president's campaign insinuates it's being overcharged and is "reviewing" the bill. Beto already paid his — on time.
As commercial renters flee, Trump keeps spending $37,500 a month in campaign funds at his own building — even though much of the Republican Party’s leased space in Virginia is going unused.
Utah and Colorado pass the first-ever bills aimed at making it easier for parents to run for office.
The former Obama housing chief applauded his staffers' effort.
The Giffords Law Center says the NRA illegally coordinated campaign spending with Republicans and the FEC failed to act on it.
The Texas Democrat is betting that interacting with voters face-to-face rather than via television can propel him to the Democratic presidential nomination.
Child care is a key barrier preventing women from seeking office. A fight is brewing to change that.
The president's lawyer also called Mitt Romney a "hypocrite" and said the Utah senator should "stop this pious act."
Only 15 Mainers contributed $200 or more to the Republican senator's reelection campaign between January and March.
The haul brings the campaign's cash on hand to $40.8 million, an unprecedented war chest for an incumbent president this early in a campaign.
The Texan’s campaign didn’t reveal how much cash they have on hand.
The fight over WINRED and online fundraising marks one of the last holdouts of the Republican establishment against Trump.