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Colbert, Noah and Meyers didn’t not make fun of President Trump’s lame excuse for appearing to let Russia off the hook for election meddling.
In the last few weeks the UK has seen more backbiting, treachery, spectacular battles and duplicitous manoeuvring than in the last twenty years combined (at least visibly). In fact, the whole thing is beginning to look like an episode of Game of Thrones.
Hasan Minhaj talks about why children of immigrant parents have such high expectations to meet..FW
4. Michael Bloomberg (Armisen) and Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) hold a press conference after Hurricane Sandy Carvey carried
In an excerpt from the new release, published exclusively on "The Hollywood Reporter," Horatio Sanz, cast member from 1998
The fortunate among us are comfortable alright, but becoming increasingly uncomfortable, if you catch my drift. It's us nasty poor people. Again.
I'm not saying my comedy is singly responsible for the changing political tide, just that no one ever really can know what changes the course of history.
What did she know, when did she know it, and why didn't she BENGHAZI!!!!
It's important to know what you don't know about just how crazy Ted Cruz really is.