political communication

Certainly, we thought, despite the entertaining reality show aspects of his campaign, the good people of the Philippines would not vote for someone who would routinely denigrate women, lash out at the Pope in an overwhelmingly Catholic country, or hire hit men to kill thousands.
Donald Trump has been critiqued and ridiculed for his claim that “he alone” can fix the problems of America. In his acceptance
"The Donald" has virtually every communication quality that I coach candidates around the world to have ... with the glaring exception of one. And it was the main deficit that doomed Sarah Palin in the general and the main advantage that is now causing Dr. Ben Carson to rise.
Young TV interviewee (Abu-Fadil) The statement said children and teenagers who watch more TV tend to consume more calories
We've come to use the word "sexy" to describe politics. Sex sells, and in order to compete with everything else screaming for attention, politics must also be sold.
"It doesn't matter what I think. It matters what the market thinks." Whether you are a financier, a retailer, an entertainer, or a political manager, this simple rule applies.
Resolving the civil war in Syria has the potential to bring more stability to the region. The possibility of a win-win outcome should be a key selling point for Obama as he tries to gather more allies for the cause.
Of course, words and images can undergo changes in meanings. What used to be acceptable can slip into disreputable. Suddenly, for example, sacrifice and compromise become dirty words. It would be nice if we could rise above such fears, control our hackles, keep our economy afloat.
Many residents of Teaneck are still marveling over how Mayor Mohammed Hameedudin helped them in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, when many lost power as temperatures dropped.
Research has demonstrated that we pick up pieces of information, become politically motivated and interested, and often become aware of news stories or events we might otherwise have missed, all through watching political comedy.
Romney's argument keeps most Republicans at bay because it taps into their principled beliefs about states' rights, and is simple. Yet, it also implies he is either duplicitous or that he is against any and all federal legislation.
How do I know? Because politicians use coded language and in the past week or so a new phrase has appeared in the political
Tolerance is better than no tolerance, but it's not as admirable a goal as appreciation. Likewise, civility is better than incivility, but not half as socially substantive as empathy and compassion.
While it's interesting that men like Bush, Romney, and Boehner are allowing themselves to cry publicly lately, behind this seemingly harmless shift in acceptance is one of the ways that the Republicans are managing the narrative.
Leaving aside the controversy surrounding President Obama's proposed tax cut "deal," he is becoming his own worst enemy. Yesterday's demonstration of how to alienate as many people as possible was a disaster. Who is advising him?
The Republican Party has staked out a position where anything to the left of extreme selfishness is on the slippery slope to socialism. But it hasn't occurred to Democrats to counter with the more real scenario of creeping aristocracy.
The vote against paycheck fairness for women this week is a sign of what's to come from the GOP: pathological politics and hostility all the way.
As students, we're told that it could be years before we have real responsibility at work. My social media work provided me a shortcut to the table.
Apology is a way to show accountability and take ownership. The ability to deliver a good apology is a quality we wish for in our elected officials, but, too often, don't get.